Bear Hunts:

Lento Sporting Camps offers amazing adventures while hunting black bears over bait. We begin preparing our sites in the middle of spring and begin baiting in August. Lento Sporting Camps uses only premium bait and never uses unsanitary foods. In fact, the bait we use is fit for human consumption. We have many sites which guarantee each hunter has a fresh bear site to ensure plenty of bear sightings.

Deer Hunts:

Lento Sporting Camps start scouting for deer, with the aid of cameras, in late spring. We spend lots of time in the woods looking for signs and game trails. We place our tree stands in proven hot spots. Hunting deer in Northern Aroostook County is not easy, but the reward of tagging a Maine buck is worth every mile you put on. Our semi-guided hunts allow you to use our strategically placed tree stands. We will guide you in the field during the first day of your hunt with the intention of placing you in an area where we’ve seen action.

Moose Hunts (Zone 6):

Congratulations on winning a moose permit! You are about to experience one of the most incredible hunts of your life. Rest assured your Registered Maine Guide is knowledgeable of zone 6 and moose behavior. We at Lento Sporting Camps will help you find your trophy moose. We have lots of experience from calling moose to retrieving moose from the place where they expire.